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The characteristic that sets us apart is our passion for the territory we live in and our dedication to producing high quality food products.

We live in an area that is well suited to producing oil, we have grown up surrounded by olive trees and our grandparents taught us to love and respect these trees and nature in general. We know what hard work farming is and how much passion goes into a bottle of good oil. Oleum Sabinae means both tradition and innovation, respect and love for the land and the desire to deliver authentic, quality products. Our extra virgin olive oil is produced in such a way as to guarantee the highest quality and preserve its sensory properties whilst still respecting nature and avoiding the intense exploitation of our trees. As well as extra virgin oil we also produce other olive oil based delicacies and recently we have started cultivating figs with which we make excellent jams and delicious dried figs. Find out more, below!

Why our products will amaze you

The authenticity and high quality of our products go unrivaled and are recognized and certified by several distinguished trademarks. Our attestations include the SABINA DOP certification, the organic products approval from AGRICERT, certification from VEGAN OK as a farm developing vegan products, the approval of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the United States), and recognition as a Green company thanks to the preference we give to solar energy.

Discover more about Oleum Sabinae

Strongly tied to our territory and its traditions we aim for quality to convey our values.


The love for our land

Oleum Sabinae was born from Maffeo and Gianluca’s love for the land and for nature and cultivating their passion they have created a farming business that is successful and innovative.

The Farm


We grew up amongst the olive trees.

In order to tell the story of our farm we have to go back a long time, back to the memories of our childhood.



3500 trees in Montelibretti

We take great pride in caring for our olive grove dedicating passion to producing a high quality olive oil which reflects the values and traditions of our territory.

Olive grove


Not only oil

In addition to our olive grove we have a flourishing fig orchard with about 2000 trees producing an excellent white fig (Dottato italiano). With these figs we make exquisite jams and a selection of dried figs.


Discover Oleum Sabinae products

Extra virgin olive oil and natural products made with fruit from our land.

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